Territorial Army

The Territorial Army is regarded as the second line of defence in the hierarchy. It comprises of volunteers who receive compulsory military training for about a month in a year. The Territorial Army can be pressed for assistance in case of any exigency, unforeseen circumstances or eventualities.

ELIGIBILITY FOR Territorial Army

Educational Qualifications for (Territorial Army):
  • Citizenship- The candidate should be a citizen of India.

  • Age Limit– The candidate should be of an age between 19 and 42 years, on the date of application.

  • Educational Qualification- The candidate should at least have done graduation or its equivalent.

  • Bodily Strength- The candidate should be both physically and mentally healthy.

  • Employment Standing

    1. Self-employment, or

    2. Gainful employment- The candidate should already have a full-time and reliable paid-job, or

    3. Mainstay civilian professions- This includes people involved in the necessary community work like Accountants, doctors, para-medical, etc.

    4. Ex-servicemen- The Ex-service officers who qualify the age criteria and have desired physical/mental fitness are eligible to apply for the Territorial Army.

Course Structure

5 days/week, 6 months, 22000+18% GST

5 days/week, 3 months, 18000+18% GST